User-Hostile Tech

Well, now I’m locked out of my Discord account. Why? Because their fake “anti-abuse” policy means every user *must* have their own mobile phone. This wasn’t such a big deal, since my dad works from home and I’m at home too. But today he needed to create a Discord account to get tech support for some software. He used our phone number to “verify” and that made Discord disable my account until I “verified” it again. Which it won’t let me do, now, because our phone number is now on Dad’s. So now I can’t talk to my friends on there or anything. 😡

Even after Dad deleted his account (I won’t repeat what he had to say about their lame system), I still can’t use my account. I sent a tech support ticket, and all they had to say was that they “cannot” (acutally means they *will not*) lift the requirement that each user have their own individual mobile phone just to use thier service. And I don’t even use it on a mobile phone, because ours is just a regular plain one, not a “smart” one; I use it on my PC.

I think this BS isn’t about security or preventing abuse at all (its abusive itself, IMHO); it’s about trying to tie everybody’s activity to an identity so they can harvest it and sell it. They don’t care about us at all except as livestock. 😡

If that’s our “bright technological future,” then I don’t want it.

A little Pilatus PC-6 Porter video

AOPA had this this week, which is short but pretty interesting. Especially since I really like this plane and now MilViz made one. \o/

Great plane! 🙂

It’s sad that Pilatus is shutting down production at the end of this year, though.

This looks like it could be a lot of fun!

Orbx announced “The Skypark”, a mission generation and tracking tool (and more it looks like). Lots of nice features and it looks very easy to use and polished.

This looks fun! \o/

I hope it will have a lot of GA missions and even let ppl make, upload, and share missions!

More info at The Skypark.

Do. Not. Want. >:(

I thought technology was supposed to be something to help us and to make our lives better, not something to control us. 😦

“1984” was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

Over the Oregon and California Coasts

We’re using JoinFS to fly together, going from Siletz Bay State Airport (S45) in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, then down by Eureka, California, and then inland to Redding, California (KRRD).

I think I got a bit aggressive on my sliders, though, even for my GTX 980Ti, because when we made our stop at Rohnerville (KFOT), my FPS got really bad and it was very hard to control my aircraft. So, dang.

Still it was a really pretty flight and JoinFS works super nice for doing group flights. \o/

My Flickr album of the flight. You can look at a little slideshow here or click the middle to go to Flickr to see nice, big pictures. 🙂